Fez actually as a date!

News finally breaks as to when the pixel magical looking game is coming out! Fez is to release on April 13 for the Xbox Marketplace. I just hope for news of a windows (maybe even an iPad) port to come soon too.

A Possible Storyboard to Micheal Bay's TMNT

As soon as i heard TMNT was going to be owned by Nickelodeon, i expected nothing good.

If you’ve haven’t heard how Micheal Bay wishes to do a movie using The Turtles and making some changes to the origins, making them aliens rather then earth turtles that have mutated, you must be living a very productive life.

I was pointed to a possible story board.

Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes: More Porkins

Best edition to the new blurays: more Porkins.

29 years ago, Muppets battled Egyptian gods for the soul of a little boy.

From scott lynch’s and this is no joke either:

In the 1983 special Don’t Eat the Pictures, assorted humans and Muppets are stuck overnight in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While Oscar, Bob, Cookie Monster, Olivia, and some small children are having the sort of mild and educational adventures you’d expect, Big Bird and Snuffy meet Sahu, a 4,000-year-old Egyptian prince (!) condemned to wander eternally in spirit form (!!) unless he can answer a riddle posed by a demon (!!!) that appears to him each night at midnight. I am not fucking with you. This really happened.

The post is a great read. Also here’s a link on youtube of part 1 of 8. It’s so strange, because I vaguely recall some scenes of the museum, however I don’t recall being interested in it all.

Cardinal Warns That The Gay Pride Parade Might 'Morph Into Ku Klux Klan' March

Here’s a link to the video and interview done by Fox Chicigon.

The language is a bit extreme and it seems like he knows it. I think the ideas come from some of the examples not only found in gay parades but some gay activists done by disturbing mass done by groups like the Sisters of Indulgence. Often these groups are celebrated in the gay community and I think this is the part of the community he’s trying to address. The interview quotes the Cardinal saying:

Well, you start with respect. You start with people who are homosexually oriented, gays and lesbians. However they picture themselves, you start with respect…

Let’s be clear, he didn’t say “is like the KKK” but “morph into”.

Metal Vader Bust

An impressive Vader bust made of random metals but I must say, I enjoy the “Cocatrix”/”Cockatrice” sculpture.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to be directed by Tim Burton

IGN is reporting that the story “explores the secret life of our greatest President, and the untold story that shaped our nation” is being filmed.

via Laughing Squid

Three Seasons, One Joke.

A nugget from the r/Community. Please also note 0:12.

10¢ work around San Francisco's Happy Meal Ban

Carrier IQ

It seems like the topic of Carrier IQ is picking up some steam since it has Senator Al Franken sending letters. I was surprise that Gruber on the Talk Show this week didn’t understand why people weren’t making a big deal of it yet. I was under the impression that this news only broke in the last two or three days. Any serious news item like this that is “foreign” to the main stream takes about three days to get reported.

It seems even iOS devices have some variation of Carrier IQ. It is strictly used for sending error reports and related logs and “it does not appear the daemon has any access or communication with the UI layer, where text entry is done”. You are able to turn it off. With this iOS information, it would seem like these other uses of Carrier IQ is a blotch job from these carriers/handset makers.

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